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Purple Sapphire

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About Purple Sapphire

Purple Sapphire, Violet Sapphire or Plum Sapphire is the Bluish Purple to Purplish Pink colored precious gem variety from the corundum mineral family. Its crystal system is hexagonal (trigonal) and chemical composition of Purple Sapphire is Al2O3.

Astrologically, this gemstone is regarded as the strongest from of the Blue Sapphire as it has a Mohs hardness of 9.0. Violet Sapphires are similar in color to Pink Sapphires but darker and always with Purple they range from medium Purple to dark Reddish Purple.

Purple Sapphires are containing traces of Chromium. Purple Sapphires are widely appreciated as jewellery gemstone. In western countries this gemstone is offer set in jewellery to from design engagement rings, pendent and wedding bands. Purple helps individuals get in touch with their feelings. It also symbolized calmness and believes that it improves wearer’s fantasy, mystery and imagination.

Purple Sapphire Sri Lanka

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