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Buy Gemstone Jewellery Online? Gemstone Rings, Earrings, Bracelet, Necklace, Pendant and Gemstone Bangles. Buy Gemstone Jewellery Products online in Sri Lanka. Outfit missing something? Give it a personal touch with our curated collection of gemstone jewellery. From natural sapphire to moonstone, discover your favourite precious stones set in unique handmade pieces of jewellery. 

Buy Gemstone Jewellery Online

Custom Handmade Jewelry

Jewelry As Unique As You. Custom handmade jewelry should be both personal and unique, something beautifully indicative of character and originality.
Sri Lanka is world renowned for its magnificent gems. BLUE MOON GEM AND JEWEL (PVT) LTD (Gems in Sri Lanka) offer special Handmade Jewelry sets with using both precious and semi precious stones. These jewelries add and sparkle our lives with timeless beauty and passion. Through passionately observed processes and using the finest materials, we create the most unique jewelry in Sri Lanka. Our jewelries are made of sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. We use to make jewels by 9kt, 14kt, 18kt yellow and white gold materials.
BLUE MOON GEM AND JEWEL (PVT) LTD (Gems in Sri Lanka) is a worldwide reputed company. Our reputation is a result of our commitment to providing customers superior gems and jewelries which masterfully crafted by well experienced craftsmen team.
Blue Moon Jewelries are famous for its unique and heavenly look. We are available in providing you rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and bangles etc. These jewelries are very reasonable and price is affordable. You can make your favorite jewel anytime with Blue Moon Jewelers and we offer FREE shipping worldwide. We Designs values the importance of creative self-expression. The jewelry is crafted according to everyone’s unique taste.
We are leading custom handmade jewellery designer for silver and gold jewelleries in Sri Lanka. All our jewellery and jewellery designs are come with a jewellery certificate that clearly states the authenticity and quality of our jewellery. Enjoy the passion of life with unique styles!
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Buy Jewellery and Gemstones Online Sri Lanka

Buy Jewellery and Gemstones Online Sri Lanka? Gemstones are precious crystals and minerals that have metaphysical symbolism, healing properties and powers, and spiritual meaning. In India, it is more about the belief and tradition than anything else. Gemstones have their own charm and style.

Gemstone Necklace

Gemstone JewelleryGemstone Necklaces: One of the boldest ways to show off that beautiful gemstone is to wear it around your neck. Necklaces are always the first to catch someone’s attention. With the plethora of styles offered, you have a choice between necklaces and pendants like a Victoria-style pendant to showcase that pearl or a classic double halo style that allows you to combine more than one of the exquisite gemstones on sale.

Gemstone Rings

Gemstone Rings: Another gorgeous way to flaunt that stunning gemstone is to wear it on your finger; for example, the engagement ring! Buying the perfect engagement ring would entail you perusing through copious amounts of styles. Choosing your band, handpicking the metal and the band style will ensure you admire that exquisite piece of jewellery whenever you look at your hand. Gemstones have their own reasons to be classy and popular. And what to say about them when they are the crown of your fingers? Gemstone Rings are in fashion from long and will be in demand for many more years to come. Red Gemstone Rings, Green Gemstone Rings, Blue Gemstone Rings and Yellow Gemstone Rings are most common types of rings. Ruby, one of the most precious gemstone, is a symbol of Love, Passion and Care. Ruby is often known as Lucky Gemstone. A gemstone ring is a timeless beauty that shines on your finger and makes your luck shines even more.

Gemstone Earrings

Gemstone Earrings: Brightening your face up with earrings is a classic way to wear your gemstones. Peruse through the list of gemstones by colour, to ensure you buy the best one! With styles ranging from classic to modern, from the tradition inspired Lahari Paisley earrings to Poire Amethyst earrings, Gems in Sri Lanka has everything you are looking for.

Gemstone Bracelets

Gemstone Bracelets: The ever-classy, bracelets are always fashionable. The inner fashionista in everyone craves a bracelet with their favourite gemstone. Setting it in wrist watches is also a trend the elite love.

Gemstone Bangles

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Gemstone Pendant

Gemstone Pendant: Beautifully colourful and specifically cut to show off their light-reflective properties, our signature gemstone jewellery is sure to enliven your jewellery stacks. Opal, ruby, sapphire, rainbow moonstone, amazonite, pearl and many more precious pieces await, ready to bring a burst of colour to your jewellery collection, each holding its own unique meaning. we work exclusively with noble metals; each item of jewellery is designed in our all-female studio in London, with emphasis on creating emboldening jewellery you can wear wherever and whenever you wish. Available with free global delivery and free returns for the UK, USA and Europe, plus we offer luxury gift wrapping and free personalisation services.

Buy Jewellery and Gemstones

Buy Jewellery and Gemstones: Gems in Sri Lanka offers the convenience of online shopping along with the assurance of quality. With these prices, you can buy jewellery with gemstones wholesale as well. Browse through the various designs to buy that exquisite piece of jewellery without the worry about delivered quality. With the Gems in Sri Lanka advantage and the third-party certification, the piece you get will be of premium quality! Now you don’t need to commute to the store every time you want to buy that stunningly coloured gemstone.

Buying Stone Jewellery from Sri Lanka

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Gemstone Jewellery

Gemstone Jewellery: Shop precious and semi-precious gemstone jewellery from Sri Lankan fashion jewellery brand Gems in Sri Lanka. FREE Global Delivery on all orders & FREE Sri Lanka Returns. Gemstone Jewellery in Sri Lanka – Buy gemstone rings, earrings, bracelet, necklace, pendant, bangles, watches and jewellery sets online at Gems in Sri Lanka. Buy Gemstone Jewellery Online?